If someone you care about is abusing alcohol, it can be difficult knowing how far you should become engaged. There's a fine line between enabling and trying to help them get help, but it's not always easy understanding where that line is. Rehab Interventions helps clients plan alcoholic interventions that are effective and lead to recovery. We offer a wealth of free resources to our website visitors looking for a way to help a family member or friend. 

The Hard Truth

For most alcoholics, it takes the compassionate intervention of a loved one to help with the first steps on the road to recovery. These statistics clearly show that getting involved is the right thing to do, however, there's a right way to intervene and a wrong way- and choosing the wrong way can mean a long delay in the addict getting the help they need. Don't wait for an alcoholic to hit bottom- it may never happen- instead, contact our specialists right now and organize an intervention.

The Delicate Balance of Non-Threatening Confrontation

It takes an expert to plan an intervention that leads to a successful outcome. Most typically, the outcome family members or friends are looking for is the decision by the alcoholic to get help by checking in to a recovery facility, however, that's not always the primary objective. Whatever the goals, only a professional has the experience and knowledge to plan alcoholic interventions that prove valuable to all sides. Use our free online resources to connect with an intervention specialist in your community who can help you get the attention of an alcoholic you care about.

How to Find a Professional Interventionist

Search your community by clicking our website's 'Menu', then selecting 'Find help'. Choose your state from the map to find quick results or reach out to one of our agents by filling out the contact form you'll see next to the US map. If you prefer, simply call the number provided on our site and speak with someone right now who can help you get connected with an agency offering alcoholic interventions. Your call is completely confidential- our only desire is to help you find resources in your area to assist in the recovery process. We don't charge for any of our services on Rehab Interventions.

The Benefits of an Intervention

The real value of the intervention is to offer support and loving confrontation to the addict, giving family members and friends the opportunity to tell them how their abuse of alcohol has affected them personally and what they intend to do from that point in time moving forward. Removing financial support or clearly speaking about the pain and frustration that has stemmed from the alcoholic's actions is often enough to bring about change. Sometimes this change takes place immediately while in other cases it is slow to come about. Organizing an intervention put together by a specialist offers the highest chances of eventual success in reaching your loved one and encouraging them to get help for their addiction.

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