Do you need to speak with an intervention counselor to help your family plan an intervention? Rehab Interventions can connect your family with free resources and offer helpful information on how you can increase the likelihood that your intervention will be successful. You could spend many hours online researching local intervention specialists or you could make one phone call to a Rehab Interventions specialist and save valuable time.

Why We Exist

We work for you, our caller, so you can be sure that the information we provide is given by agents with your best interest at the heart of our advice. Our services are completely free, in fact, we invite you to return to our site any time you need to speak with a friendly agent, explore our resources, or ask for help finding an intervention counselor. Our primary goal is to ensure you find the information you need when you visit our website.

How Interventions Work

We speak with friends and family members of alcohol and drug addicts on a daily basis who just want the best for their loved one. The problem is that 'what's best' often looks like different things to different people. Professional intervention counselors provide professional advice and assistance in planning an intervention that holds family, friends, and the addict accountable for what happens after the meeting. Based on the level of commitment by all parties involved, the intervention may result in immediate action on the part of the addict, results may follow at a later point in time, or the intervention may prove unfruitful. With the help of an expert intervention counselor, your loved one may:

  • Hear emotional words from friends and family that change the course of their life
  • Be convinced they are on the wrong path
  • Understand the serious nature of their actions 
  • Feel a conviction to finally get help
  • Find the courage to take the first step on the path to recovery
  • Feel loved enough to seek help for their addiction

Improving Success Rates

Interventions don't always go as planned, even under perfect circumstances. Many factors are in play that may prevent immediate results, however, experts have found that the most successful interventions are ones planned by experienced counselors with family members and friends attending who are willing to speak open-minded about the situation and offer support to an addict. Your willingness to seek out a professional intervention counselor may be the deciding factor that leads to recovery for someone you love. We'll do everything we can to connect you with resources and information to make that possible.

Start a New Intervention Counselor Search Right Now

It costs nothing to reach out to us and search using our website resources or speak with one of our friendly agents. We're here to answer questions and direct you to resources in your own community that can help you with an upcoming intervention. It's never too late to get help for an addiction- no situation is without hope. We're here to help when you need us.


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