Setting up an intervention for an alcoholic can be stressful to anyone's schedule. Why not make a free phone call to Rehab Interventions for professional advice and a referral to an intervention specialist? We'll help you explore all of your options when trying to get your loved one into a rehab facility. Success often starts with a professionally-organized intervention- let our agents help connect you with local resources to start the process.

The Intervention Process

Statistics show that for most alcoholics, it takes the help of someone they love to take the first steps toward recovery. You can be the catalyst that brings about huge changes in someone's love you care about- contact a Rehab Interventions regarding an intervention for an alcoholic you know. We'll be more than happy to put you in touch with local resources to help plan the perfect meeting. You and other friends and family members will be provided with time to share your feelings about how the alcoholic's actions are negatively impacting your life and offer support and suggestions on how to take the first step in recovery.

Why it Works

Professionally-organized interventions work because they force the addict to face the consequences of their behavior- what they do with that information afterward is in their hands. In many cases, alcoholics decide on the spot to seek treatment, while in many more cases it takes time before recovery begins to fall into place. When friends and family commit to withdrawing financial and other support that enables the addict and stick to their commitment, successful results are often seen in a short amount of time. Making empty promises that the addict knows will not be kept will delay the outcome desired.

How We Empower You

Making a phone call to an agent from Rehab Interventions shows your commitment to helping your loved one toward recovery. After assessing your needs, we'll search through our database for local resources in your community who can help you plan an intervention for an alcoholic. We don't charge clients for any of our referral services- they're free whenever you need support or assistance in finding an intervention specialist where you live. Reach out to us by phone or through our website's contact form- or simply click 'Find Help' in the menu and select your state from the US map. From there, you'll gain access to numerous intervention specialists in proximity to your neighborhood.

Call Day or Night

Our 24-hour hotline is accessible whether you call at 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning. We'll answer your call with a friendly, helpful voice and offer assistance in whatever way you need. A Rehab Interventions agent may direct you to our website's  Intervention For Alcoholic

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