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New Resource Launched for Recovery Coaches

As more evidence points to long-term engagement being a key factor in permanent recovery rates, people are turning toward outpatient treatment, private therapists, peer support specialists and recovery coaches for help.

For a certain percentage of people struggling with substance use, there will always be a need for residential treatment, and they also still need aftercare programs to help build on the foundation that a treatment program can establish.

Recovery Coaches as a Part of the Continuum of Care

The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) has various levels of treatment, ranging from high-level medical detoxification to periodic outpatient treatment. People receiving these various levels generally have to meet certain criteria to determine medical necessity, which unfortunately is largely driven by insurance companies. However, there is a greater recognition that continuing on in a setting such as intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) for a period of a few months, then stepping down to regular outpatient for a few more months is improving recovery rates. Other services that improve recovery rates include paraprofessional help through peer recovery support specialists, recovery coaches and sponsors, mentors and support groups. When combined, they add significant value to the overall treatment process.

Now there is a new resource forming just for recovery coaches and these peer support specialists, and its launch coincides with National Recovery Month. Erecoverycoaches.com provides a way for recovery coaches to offer their services directly to people in need, as well as a way for individuals to browse or search for recovery coaches who may be a good fit for them.

It is free to add a listing, and the intent is to grow it into a large, hand-curated resource for recovery coaches nationally.