Why Use an Interventionist?

interventionistA lot of times people fail to seek professional intervention help because they feel they can handle the situation on their own. The truth is, very few actually do, despite their best efforts.

There can often be blind spots that are developed due to each family member’s ego or personal feelings in some way, so they are unable to be objective about the whole process. A professional interventionist doesn’t have that internal struggle of being a family member in the mix with all of the past and current memories and upsets – there isn’t any emotional struggle about trying to do the best thing.

By the way, “the best thing” means for both the addicted person as well as for the family as a whole. There is usually a lot more change that has to occur besides just one person going to treatment. The phrase “addiction is a family disease” exists for a reason. Identifying and patching any holes in the family bond may be necessary, as well as spotting enabling behavior that must be stopped.

During the heat of the intervention itself is where this unbiased, objective person can really display his or her importance to the overall situation. Usually when the intervention is in progress, tempers can flair and major arguments can ensue – unless someone is there to prevent them and help control the situation. Otherwise, these negative emotional outbursts can hamper any real progress and sabotage the whole process.

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