Why You Should Consider Professional Help

Do you have a loved one who has a substance abuse issue? You may have seen television programs or have read about drug interventions as a way to get addicts into a treatment program. For family members who feel stressed out to the max and that they have tried everything in their power to help, this can seem the answer to their prayers. An intervention can be effective, but it has the best chance for success when handled by a professional.

What is an Interventionist?

A professional interventionist is a healthcare worker who works with the entire family. They take an unbiased approach to the situation in order to identify the problems within the family dynamic.

Addiction is not a disease which affects only the person using drugs. It has an impact on the entire family, causing havoc and creating conflict wherever it goes. Since many addicts are in denial about the problem and how it affects those around them, having a third party who can keep the intervention on track is very important.

How a Professional Interventionist Can Help

The interventionist meets with the family before the date set for the intervention. He or she gets to know them and the issues the family has faced as a result of their loved one’s addiction.

Many families are ill equipped to deal with a loved one who is living with an addiction. They do what they feel is trying to help, but only end up enabling the addict by doing things that their loved one can be doing for themselves. By giving their addicted loved one help by providing money, food, a place to stay, a cell phone and other benefits, the family is allowing the addiction to continue.

During drug interventions, the addicted person is made aware that this situation will no longer continue. The family has decided that it will no longer support the addiction, but will support the loved one if they choose to get help.

The interventionist makes this point clear to the family and identifies family members who need to get help so that they can provide support to their loved one after the drug treatment program has been completed.

How to Find a Professional Interventionist

A number of drug treatment facilities have existing relationships with professional interventionists. Since part of the process involves making arrangements for your loved one to go into treatment immediately if he or she agrees to do so, ask the facilities you are considering working with if they can help you find an interventionist. We can help you locate intervention specialists as well as treatment centers, simply call to speak with one of our counselors today.