Alcoholism is a major concern in Alaska. In fact, this substance accounts for nearly half of all treatment admissions throughout the state. Teens, young adults, and the elderly are all at risk for addiction in The Last Frontier. Fortunately, Alaska drug and alcohol rehab centers are available throughout the state to help those who struggle with all types of substance abuse and addiction.

Alaska Drug Abuse Statistics

The number of Alaska residents reportedly admitting to past month illicit substance abuse is significant. In fact, Alaska is consistently ranked in the top ten of the worst states for illicit substance abuse. Residents are using alcohol, heroin, meth, cocaine and other drugs in excessive amounts and deadly combinations.

Although marijuana was legalized in 2014 in the state, residents continue to abuse the substance at higher than average rates. It’s important to anyone who considers using dangerous substances such as alcohol or marijuana to remember that legalization does not equal safe. Although marijuana and alcohol are both legal substances, they both have the potential to cause addiction when used in excess or repeatedly.

The state of Alaska is segregated into damp, dry and unclassified boroughs. A damp borough allows limited quantities of alcohol to be possessed by residents but does not allow the sale of alcoholic beverages. Dry boroughs do not allow possession or sale of alcohol in any quantity. Unclassified boroughs do not have limitations on the amount of alcohol that may be possessed but may have limits on when or where it may be sold. These classifications are in place to reduce the impact of alcoholism on a state that is already burdened deeply with this overwhelming disease.

Finding the Best Alaska Rehab Program For You

Everybody suffers differently when it comes to addiction. Some require around-the-clock care to get sober. Others are able to attend occasional AA meetings or support groups and they quickly find their way out of the dangerous addiction path with little trouble. Many fall somewhere in the middle and are best treated by outpatient rehab centers throughout Alaska.

If you or someone you love is addicted, calling for help is the first step to healing. Our treatment specialists are ready to take your call and assist you anytime, day or night. We’ll help you find and choose the best rehab center based on:

• The severity of your addiction.
• How long you’ve been addicted.
• Whether you have private insurance or cash to pay for treatment.
• What your expectations are and whether you’re looking for luxury rehab or a low-cost solution.
• Your location and whether you will seek treatment close to home or far away.

Alaska provides many different options to help you overcome addiction. Community programs, support groups, counseling and faith-based treatment centers can be found offering substance abuse and mental health services for every lifestyle. If you’re looking for a quality rehabilitation program, give our helpline a call to find out more about the rehab centers in Alaska that may be immediately available to assist you.