An intervention is one of the best ways to get a friend or family member who is reluctant to accept help for addiction to admit that they need care and that treatment IS necessary. When a refusal to seek help has delayed the recovery process, Phoenix drug and alcohol interventions, when carefully planned and executed, can help you get your loved one the treatment he or she desperately needs.

What is an Intervention?

The National Library of Medicine defines an intervention as an action that is used to improve a situation, particularly a medical disorder, such as addiction. Family based interventions are considered some of the most effective methods of getting an apprehensive or reluctant individual to seek treatment for substance abuse.
The intervention involves a gathering of friends, family and loved ones who are impacted by the drug or alcohol use of the addict. These individuals work closely with a Phoenix interventionist to define:

• The scope of the addiction, and how it impacts the user and the family support system.
• The role of each individual both in the continued use of drugs or alcohol by the user through facilitation and co-dependency, and in the recovery of the user.
• The role that each of the members of the “intervention team” will have in ensuring that the user seeks treatment.
• The goals of the intervention and what steps will be taken to ensure the intervention is successful.

What Does a Phoenix Interventionist Do?

The interventionist will use a series of tactics to help you and your loved ones work together to get the addict to accept treatment. Statistically, according to NIDA, patients are more likely to learn about their drug use and accept treatment from an objective third party that has formal medical training. This means that having a professional interventionist on your side can improve the chances that your loved one will accept treatment and seek the help that he or she needs.

While each intervention can be different, the overall process of intervention is much the same. A Phoenix drug and alcohol intervention will generally go something like this:

• The interventionist will gather information about the user, his or her substance abuse, and the family and friends of the user.
• The information that is obtained will be used to determine whether the interventionist believes they have the ability to convince the abuser to seek help.
• The interventionist will work with you to define a time and neutral location for the intervention to take place.
• Family and friends are instructed on what their role will be in the intervention and recovery process.
• Obligations and consequences are defined so that, in case the individual does NOT choose treatment, there is a plan in place for the family to stop facilitating the drug or alcohol use and start a healing process of their own.
• The interventionist will work with family and friends to find a treatment facility that is ready and available to accept the new patient IF the user accepts treatment.
• The interventionist will take the user to treatment, by car or by plane, escorting him or her until the admissions process is complete.

If you’re ready to get your loved one the help that he or she desperately needs, consider hiring a Phoenix interventionist today. Drug and alcohol interventions in Phoenix take place regularly, providing a pathway to recovery and healing both for the family and friends of the addict, as well as for the addict him or herself.