Prescription drugs, alcohol, marijuana, and other substances are widely abused throughout Colorado. Today, the state focuses heavily on expanding Colorado rehab centers and the addiction treatment programs that are offered to residents to help them overcome addiction to drugs or alcohol. Fortunately, major cities such as Denver, Pueblo and Thornton have come together to provide a helping hand to the individuals and families that have been deeply impacted by substance abuse disorders.

Colorado Addiction Facts

Colorado was one of the first states to make recreational marijuana use legal and with this decision it appears that DUI related accidents have gone down throughout the state. While this shows a promising improvement overall, it’s important to remember that marijuana, just like alcohol and other substances, can still be dangerous when abused.

• Prescription drug overdose rates have been steadily on the rise throughout Colorado. From 2000 to 2011 the number of overdose deaths related to prescription drug use quadrupled.
• Colorado ranks #2 in the country for prescription drug abuse—it is the second worst state according to SAMHSA.
• Alcohol and marijuana are the top two substances of abuse in the state. Although these are both legal substances in Colorado it is important to remember that these substances pose significant dangers when abused.
• Meth, heroin, prescription opioids and cocaine also provide significant threats in the Centennial State.
• Tightening regulations on prescription opioids have caused heroin overdose rates to skyrocket in Colorado much like we’ve seen across the rest of the nation.

Colorado Inpatient Rehab Centers

Many different treatment options exist throughout Colorado. The most common programs provide inpatient rehabilitation that offers around-the-clock care in a medical facility where the patient will live and receive help. There are plenty of options in Denver and other parts of the state. These programs last an average of 30 to 60-days but may provide 120-days or more of treatment depending on individual patient needs.

When considering your options for substance abuse treatment, it’s important to consider options both in your state and outside your state. Some actually find that getting help somewhere far from home can be more effective because it allows separation from the situations and lifestyle that have become such a big part of the user’s life. We can help you decide whether seeking help at a Colorado rehab center or another rehab center may be the right choice for you. Just give our helpline a call.

Get Treatment Help in Colorado Now

No matter where you live or what your unique situation is truly like, we can help you get sober. Our helpline is available 24 hours a day, every day, to serve you. When you call we will ask a series of questions that allow us to better understand your unique situation and needs. We’ll guide the way to a Colorado rehab center that can provide caring, compassionate treatment for your addiction allowing you to break free and enter a life of recovery.