recovery programs

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of people who need help for drug or alcohol problems actually receive it. We have found that the most effective way to get someone into a rehab program is through the use of a skilled professional interventionist.

Since treatment centers come in all shapes and sizes have often have their own specialties, matching up the right program for the person in need can be crucial. Just like having a specialist guide you through the intervention, it is helpful to have a rehab consultant help you find program options to choose from.

Many times people make the mistake of not taking the extra step in their research for facilities. They often stop short at just the closest centers, only the ones on the list provided by their insurance carrier, or going with the biggest names out there. But, when you allow someone to help you search for additional options based on your needs, then the chances of finding the right program usually increase dramatically.

Finding the right balance of a place that is longer-term, not immediately in your backyard, will work with your insurance, has properly licensed professional staff providing excellent care and has a comfortable setting is most desirable. These are things we can help with. Contact us today to speak with a rehab consultant.