Are you worried about the addictive behavior of someone you care about? Has their addiction gotten in the way of their ability to think and DO things for themselves in an appropriate or responsible manner? Are legal consequences facing a spouse or loved one as a result of drugs or alcohol and yet you just can’t seem to get through to them?

All of these signs of addiction are scary, and can be downright overwhelming for the family members that are on the outside looking in—but there is help. Maybe you’re considering an intervention, or perhaps you haven’t even considered this option quite yet because you still think there’s some way you can do it on your own—regardless, Denver interventionists can help you and your entire family during the difficult process of helping a loved one make the RIGHT choice for his or her care and enter a rehabilitation program that will help them overcome addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Denver Addiction Statistics

• According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, forensic labs have ranked cocaine as the number one drug of use in the city, followed VERY closely by heroin and prescription opiates such as Oxycodone or hydrocodone.
• Alcoholism and subsequent need for addiction treatment not only in Denver but statewide in Colorado remains a serious concern.
• Academic failure, dropout rates and the correlation between substance abuse and cognitive problems is reviewed regularly by the Institute for Behavior and Health in Denver.

With statistics like this, it’s no wonder prevention and treatment strategies are a necessary element in the recovery process, but as a parent, spouse, loved one or friend of someone who’s addicted, where do you turn?

Denver Intervention Services

An interventionist in Denver can motivate a loved one or friend to seek the help he or she needs for addiction to drugs or alcohol. Sometimes, much like it takes a “tribe” or a “village” to raise children, it can also take a “village” to help people make the right choice in regards to finding and choosing treatment that’s necessary to overcome addiction.

A drug and alcohol interventionist in Denver can help you with:

• Stopping the drug or alcohol use immediately.
• Providing resources and access to treatment that will guide the healing process.
• Providing prescription medication access to help ease withdrawal on the way to the rehab center.
• Providing family interventions and support services to ensure total healing of the family system.

Finding and Choosing an Interventionist in Denver

Once you’ve decided that an intervention is the right choice for you or your loved one, you can begin to seek the help you need. The first thing to consider in seeking an interventionist is to look for local solutions in your area. We can help you find Denver intervention specialists that will help you arrange rehab and further treatment for your loved one.

Once you’ve decided on a drug and alcohol interventionist to assist you, you can consider the next steps in the process which will be to define a rehab program that’s a suitable fit, determine who will pay for treatment, help your loved one make arrangements at home for the care of pets or home-related responsibilities, and feel at ease with the idea of admitting addiction is a problem, and that treatment is the ONLY next choice.