Teens and young adults are deeply impacted by substance abuse throughout the state of Arkansas. Sadly, despite efforts of law enforcement, schools, local healthcare professionals and the community to prevent substance abuse among teens and young adults, the number of individuals under the age of 30 that are addicted to drugs or alcohol continues to rise. But there is hope.

Arkansas drug and alcohol rehab centers provide a helping hand to those in need offering treatment, support and a sense of community to those who find themselves deep in the throes of addiction. If you or someone you love needs help finding a rehab center in Arkansas, call our helpline toll-free for fast, free support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Arkansas Substance Abuse Rates

Sadly, substance abuse is a growing trend in Arkansas. Pain relievers, heroin and other opiates cause serious consequences for many despite efforts being taken to reduce the impact that the opioid epidemic has on residents. Here’s a look at how substance abuse stacks up and what popular rehab centers in Fort Smith, Jonesboro, Little Rock and Springdale are faced with each day in admitting new patients for various types of addiction:

• Prescription painkillers such as Oxycodone and Oxycontin are abused more frequently in Arkansas possibly than in any other state in the country. In recent years, the state had the highest rates of non-medical opioid use in the country.
• Alcohol is a severe problem for teens. Recent reports by SAMHSA show that more than 45% of teens have tried alcohol by the time they graduate high school. Many will become addicts that require the professional help of an Arkansas rehab center or similar program.
• High drug trafficking areas along I-30 and I-40 often have smugglers moving meth and cocaine into the U.S. from Mexico. Additional substances are transported into and out of the state via the Little Rock National Airport.

Arkansas Drug Treatment Programs

Fortunately, despite all the problems that drugs and alcohol bring to The Land of Opportunity, treatment centers are widely available to assist the individuals and families that are burdened by addiction. Federal funds are distributed to the community annually to provide free and low-cost treatment services to certain subgroups of people within the community.

Treatment and prevention programs are provided to those who:

• Are pregnant and abusing drugs or alcohol.
• Are mentally disabled or physically disabled and using drugs or alcohol.
• Are addicted to drugs such as prescription painkillers, heroin, meth or cocaine and looking for rehabilitative help.
• Are addicted to alcohol and can’t stop drinking without struggling with potentially dangerous medical side effects.

If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol and needs help, call our helpline. We’ll connect you with the best Arkansas rehab centers for your needs. A caring treatment professional is ready to hear your story and change the ending. Call today, and experience the comfort that comes with getting help.